Building cultures of success and wellbeing

Asset Health is a family owned and operated, cross-market health and wellness consulting, management and technology firm. We are passionate about our mission to build cultures of success and wellbeing through the delivery of improved health, wellbeing and productivity.

Our leadership team has been involved in the health care and employee benefit space for over 65 years. Asset Health was founded in 2005, and ever since, we have distinguished ourselves with our flexible, integrated approach that delivers real solutions to our client-partners.

We understand improved employee-patient health and wellbeing as:

  • Central to a substantive culture of success and sustainability
  • A strategic asset of the business
  • The employee-patient’s most valuable financial asset
  • Culture driven and culture defining
  • Grounded in active knowledge as the foundation to intrinsic motivation
  • Community engagement, market integration and reward (extrinsic motivation)
  • An active investment of time, effort and money; demanding individual responsibility and active engagement
  • Empowered by the active patient-physician relationship (right care, right time, right setting)
  • Demanding business leadership, strategic thinking, integrated management and the execution of technology that is Asset Health

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Motivate Health is a unique resource that shares intriguing and evidence-based information on health promotion, with a keen focus on establishing healthy identities, building cultures and changing minds for the healthier. Our team cultivates  research found at the intersection of cognitive science and health promotion, and shares this with you in digestible, conversation-sparking, and exciting ways.