Our unique cross-market, configurable platform delivers solutions to large employers, middle market employers and health care providers. We are dedicated to the unmitigated success of our clients and the improved health and wellbeing of each and every individual we serve. Our programs are focused on the whole person (mind, body and spirit), empowering participants through intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to take active ownership and responsibility to improve their individual health – embracing their health as their “most valuable asset”.

Comprehensive Dynamic Employee Portal and Online Resources – A responsive design layout provides participants with a seamless experience across all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Personalized User Experience – Dynamic interfaces tailor the experience to each individual, meeting them where they are on their health journey and empowering positive behavioral change.

Health Assessment (HA) – Asset Health’s proprietary HA includes behavioral health integration and learning style/behavioral analysis.

Coordinated Biometric Integration – This includes integration of results from on-site screenings, off-site labs or the physician’s office.

Integrated Biometric (Health Measures) Dashboard – A user-friendly dashboard displays health measures and year-over-year data.

Personalized Ongoing Wellness Communications – This includes a dynamic SMS text and email reminder engine.

Communications Strategy and Support – The Asset Health Creative Team offers full communications support, including content creation and design.

Reward Management and Tracking Dashboard – Participants can follow their incentive progress to easily understand the rewards they have earned as a result of their wellness participation and/or health outcomes.

Incentive Management/Outcomes-based Program Administration – Asset Health supports all types of program designs, and we can coordinate all data for incentive tracking and Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS) administration.

Interactive/Multimedia Online Courses – Asset Health offers an extensive library of Knowledge Management courses, inclusive of customizable benefits-related courses and an adaptive testing application and reporting system. The course framework presents information through various modalities and interactive components that engage different learning styles and boost engagement and knowledge retention.

I-Knowledge Platform – This feature connects specific courses to the HA and biometric screening process to deliver targeted courses to participants based on their individual health risks.

Whole Person Goal Setting and Activity Tracking – This allows participants to set goals and track their exercise, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, reflection, relationship management, and weight. Secure journaling functionality is also included.

Wellness Challenges – Asset Health offers a dynamic wellness challenge platform, inclusive of leaderboards, communications, and integration with over 200 activity tracking devices. Challenges can be customized and configured to fit your population.

Wellness Program Scheduling Tool – An online calendar enables participants to sign up for wellness program events, and provides program coordinators with easy event set-up and tracking functionality.

Wellness Champions Program Support – Our account managers are prepared to help establish and support wellness ambassadors to build a dynamic onsite presence.

Technical and Customer Support – This includes email-based and telephonic support for participants. Our support team staff are on location and provide exceptional service to empower our program participants.

Lifestyle Management Coaching – Our clinical team offers telephonic or on-site lifestyle coaching. Our health coaches bring extensive knowledge and experience, and specialize in motivational interviewing strategies to identify intrinsic motivators and empower behavior change.

Path to Wellness Coaching Programs – The Asset Health clinical team offers many targeted, dual track (online and telephonic) coach-supported programs that meet participants where they are. Programs, such as Tobacco-Free Me, typically last from four to six months and can also be used as a Reasonable Alternative Standard for outcomes-based plan designs.

Employee Engagement – Design Strategy – Asset Health provides best-practice wellness program design strategies. We understand that each company has a unique culture, and we help design and support a variety of programs to help you build a culture of success and wellbeing.

Vendor Integration – This includes design, development and implementation of program integration requirements, inclusive of single sign on (SS0) functionality.

Administrative and Participant Reporting – Clients are provided access to an administrative reporting dashboard with the ability to run reports 24x7x365.
Additionally, clients receive comprehensive reports throughout the program, including an Executive Summary Report and comparative trend reporting; participants receive a personalized health report.

ROI2 Reporting – Asset Health has developed a robust analytics reporting process integrating client claims (cost) data with wellness program activity and biometric results to accurately define the impact of employee participation and engagement in the Asset Health toolset.